Saturday, April 25, 2009


The mind and the body are related in the same way as the god and his universe.In fact,the mind has a much more faithful following than god can ever hope to have.With the rise in number of agnostics and atheists, god is certainly in trouble.
Mind meanwhile has, without exception, the faith of all those who are supposed to be in its influence and control
I can see the quizzical look on your face. Let me explain.
The word “mind” by no means is the brain. I am using the word for our souls. The core of our existence. The very reason for our being in the scheme of things.
The followers are the brain and the body. The brain is the messenger service in our system. Its job is to absorb the imprint of the soul and keeping that into consideration , issue instructions to the body. The body then blindly follows it.
Everywhere around us ,we see a myriad of emotions blooming. Both the positive and the negative. There is frustration. Desperation. Dissatisfaction. Jealousy. And what not? I don’t deny the fact that while on the one hand we have the stated paradigms grinding us, there is happiness, love, peace on the other. But don’t we want a perfect life? Don’t we want the silver lining without the dark clouds? Don’t we want only the flip side of the coin?
Yes, we do.The realization of our soul is the first step. The appreciation of its existence is the initiation.
The damaged and the mutilated soul of ours needs repair. How? An angelic soul is not achieved by meditating on the Himalayas. Nor can we hope to achieve perfection without efforts.
Solitude is the key, I believe. Abstract as it may sound, the only real hope of nurturing our souls back to its normal self and purity is solitude. Solitude does not mean staying away from everyone. It is the protection of the soul from external influence.
The brain aka our messenger has to be fine tuned too. How? Knowledge. How? Books. Which? Religious and philosophical. A tall order I agree. Important nevertheless. The fine tuning first and the rest will follow.
A puzzle is complete when all its pieces are brought together. In the same way, the war of righteousness can only be won after all the individual elements are addressed.
With the soul and the brain in order, one can hope for a fruitful life.

One last thought:
Fear of the mind is god.
Altruism of god is the mind.


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