Sunday, June 6, 2010


On the long and arduous highway to CAT, the most important and critical dhaba is Mock Paper Analysis!!!One cannot expect to reach the destination without stopping at this dhaba and eating to one's hearts content!!!
I am writing down the way I analysed mock CATs and hope it benefits whomsoever reads.
STEP 1: Appear for the mock. Any test series would be fine. I prefer TIME Aimcats and IMS simcats. Even the procmocks by CL are good.
STEP 2: After the paper is over, the analysis process should commence. And that too within 1-2 hours of the end of the test. The first job that must be done is scoring and calculation. Check how much you scored and what was accuracy. I loved this part. One thing that I would like to mention here is that there is not an absolute score that I could call good or bad. Rule of thumb is 40-50 % score would fetch you 99%ile plus.
STEP 3: First start going through the questions that you solved correctly. Pat your back. But then, look out for shorter methods. Cliched, but helpful.
STEP 4: Then see the questions that you solved incorrectly. This is the most important part. Make sure that you never make the same mistake. Note down the mistakes(conceptual,logical,tukka) that you made somewhere and go through them periodically. Seems stupid but very helpful nevertheless.
STEP 5: Solve the unattempted questions setting a time limit and then analyse them using steps 3 and 4.
STEP 6: Solve the same paper in 3/4th time a week later. It will make you feel great.
All these steps are not easy to follow and require a lot of diligence.
The tests have 2 functions:
1. To help you hone your test-taking ability and make you accustomed to performing under pressure.
2. To point out the weak links and help you overcome them.

One must know by the time CAT is near, what are his strengths and weaknesses.
Please go through your reference books; but only those topics where you dint do well.
All the Best!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for this. Posts like these and your general experiences at a top B-school are highly motivating to do well. Plus your acad profile is just like mine, except I have done a little better in my grad.

    Thanks again for the blog and keep writing. =D