Tuesday, March 9, 2010

iift pi experience

IIFT marks: 46.14
Work ex: none
Extra curriculars:decent

Interview Centre:-wtc,mumbai

Essay topic:-impact of free trade on economies of developing countries...
i think i managed the essay part really well...hope to get some marks..
GD topic and a description:- is nuclear energy the best source for india...
no fish market...chipped in twice or thrice....dint do anything while i had to moderate..
a very strange interview..
p1(bengali geek)...p2(old lady)...p3(simple man)
when i enter...p2 not there...
p1:u a fresher
me:yes sir
p1:why so bad acads?
me:due to engagement in other activities...
p1:which coaching institute do u go to?
p1:did they tell u to say this?
me:no..sir they only give an idea...
p1:do u like maths?
p1:let x1 x2 x3 be 3 values...find am..gm...hm..
me:did it
p1:choose from history geography and sports
p1:tell me the largest lake in india
p1:highest peak
p1 and p3:but that is in nepal...
me:in that case...it wud be k2
p1:name the 3 youngest state with their capitals
p1:if u travel from howrah to chennai in a train...which 4 major rivers will u encounter?
p3:tell me why mba?
me:blah blah
p3:why politics(based on cv)
some cross questioning by p3 and p2...
p2:why did u join nsui?
menlyt a platform...no political inclination
p3:have u ever donated blood?
me twice
ok go ...

now i dont understand why the interview was so light??....the same panel grilled everyone on technical topics...why not me??...mine was the shortest interview...dunno wat to expect...\

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