Thursday, March 25, 2010



X 89.4%,Board: CBSE, year:2004
XII 78.8%, Board:CBSE , year:2006
Undergrad Stream: B.Tech Electronics, Grades:55.2, Year:2010

CAT (2009-10):
DI: 97.59
Quant: 95.93
Verbal: 99.52

Extra acads : not much

Any other special thing abt u: no

Interview & GD
GD topic: Impact is more important than being true to oneself....
did well...10 ppl in my fish market....
my rating:4/5


p=u are an engineer?
m=yes sir
p=so low percentage....decreasing from 10th to grad?
m=yes sir….smile
M=did not study sir..was careless
P=but still…so less?
M=sir I missed IITJEE chem. Cutoff by 1 mark…became very dejected and dint concentrate in the 1st year….realised in the second yr that I cud not pass away life just like this…but since then..i have been playing catchup…
P= what did u do?
M=nothing sir…I spent my last 3.5 years sleeping and listening to music..
M=yes sir..i regret this but I would rather be frank…
P= tell me your daily routine..
M= sir I slept for 10 hours…rest 12 hours..watched football…music…etc
P=how boring?
M= yes sir..monotonous
P=u never thought of doing anything to utilize your time?
M= no sir..i realised only after I received calls that I shud have done something…
P= what is your goal in life?
M= sir in the long run…I wanna open and run a trance bar…
P= dance bar?
M=no sir…trance bar...smiless
P=what is that?
M= gave very good explanation
P= become a DJ
M= but sir I don’t feel there is a single place inn the format I want
P= how?
M=I talked about how bollywood,techno,rock dominate…alcohol is main focus..i said that music wud be my primary focus…alcohol and other things may come in
P=Do u drink?
M=sometimes..once in say 20-25 days..
P=but where do u get the money for this?
M=sir occasional drinking doesn’t need I dint buy books..borrowed and read for 4-5 hours before each exam..
P=so u wanna do an mba to open this bar/
M= no no sir..that is just my long term goal
In the short term…I wanna bring my career back on track…I am desperate to make amends
P=suppose I take u in….what if u fail and crash out in 3-4 months..
M=no sir…the fact that I have a percentile shows that I have the ability to work hard…and my desperation is my motivation…ppl like me are more eager to perform
P=do u do drugs?
M=no sir….i know my limits…plus my girlfriend helped me remain on track..
P=where is she?
M= she is in Calcutta…medical college
P= oh good…so she is a better student than you…
M= yes sir…
P=I am worried for u…what if we don’t take u? u have a job?
M=no sir..but I have IIFT…
P=oh then if u go to iift…u’ll say that u missed iim and again wont study
M=no sir…I wont make that mistake again…
P= oh so u have matured..
M= yes sir..
P= what do your parents think about you?
M=that I am good for nothing…but now that I have got calls..they are happy..
P=u dint care what they thought?
M=I did sir..but iwas caught in a sort of a vicious circle…want to escape it now…
P=but why shud we take you?
M= because I need it and plus u cud help me as my gf is there…
P=what other interests do u have?
M= politics…though I am not involved…my friends are and it fascinates me no end..
P= in the present political scenario…what fascinates u the most/
M= rise of mayawati….explained very well
P=wats your view on mamta banerjee?
M= smart politician…she portrays her image of a commoner which is appealing to the urban ppl…plus her support to land issues has won her rural support..though she has not achieved much in terms of results…she alongwith congress will give a good fight to left this time around and bring back democracy to west Bengal in the literal sense.
P=rate both of them on a scale of 10
M=did it with convincing logic
Thnx all around…
all in all...they were very cordial....lots of laughs..the interview was not as deadly as my post might suggest...dunno what to make of it..
pi score=3


  1. Nishant .. damn.. i haven't seen anybody give an interview so.. so.. truly.

    Its seriously commendable that u have the guts to say things as they are..
    Really really hope that u make it through.. all my prayers for u ..
    God bless and god speed

    The CL frend :D

  2. hey they will fight tooth n nail to get u in.. coz they may have never seen so much dedication towards a cause which is u girlfriend in ur case!!! cooolll

  3. This was a very good interview dude, I like your honesty, you said no made-up bullshit about why MBA and stuff.


  4. hmm...really dont know what to make out of it.I may not be able to do what u did but sincerely believe that if your intentions are good you are made for bigger things in life.

    All d best buddy!

  5. that was own case seem pretty much similar gun !!@@!!

  6. One of the best Posts[Interviews] I have ever read in my life. Simple amazing man.. I really admire your guts. You were succinct and very perspicacious. All the best.. :)

  7. was shocked to read such candid answers.very very commendable my friend.few ppl would hav d balls 2 speak so blatantly about one's flaws, that too in IIM-C intervw.awsum show man.
    sincerely hope ur waitlist gets cleared.
    all the best!!

  8. gr8 job update if you convert :)

  9. thnx guys!!...i am waitlisted at no.1...will surely convert...honesty does pay afterall...

  10. awesome man you rock thats really motivating
    my case is a heck loads similar
    Xth 89.4
    XII 75
    Grads 65

    with good enough extra curricular
    but no GF :(

    and percentile abhi lane hai
    I wish i will be your junior XD

    Khoob jamega rang XD

  11. man u are simply awesome man... no one would ever attempt to give such a PI.... i came to this blog from PG .Hats off

  12. I am feeling sleepy...and am going to sleep soon..on my bed in a dormitory in new hostel at IIM Calcutta...good night!

  13. was all ur attitude which paid off...
    i think most of the people like u(i m counting me also in this category) are doomed once they start failing...but not u bro...truely motivating for someone like me...i knw i cannot be tht blunt...but yaa i do have the same attitude...three idiots kinda interview...same frankness...same zeal to washoff failure..bows..

  14. Dude .. WTF ..
    Was this a IIM INTERVIEW ... or a chatting session !!!
    Hat's off !!!
    U r not a faker .. & that took u to joka !!

    dat is a pure learning experience

    ATB !!!

  15. hey dude.... did u make it to iim-c ?