Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Almost 2.5 months since I arrived here...Have already seen quite a few ups and downs.

Infact, the time spent here can be described as a snapshot of how life looks like. One moment, you are overjoyed about something and the next moment, you face depression. Some days, you feel you are on the right track and on other days, you feel lost in a mad race. You question everything. Why have I come here?? What is the purpose of all this toil??

I dont know the answers.

Has the initial euphoria of making it here, subsided?? Or am I so engaged in the rat race that I dont have time to cherish my achievement??

We have one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. The jetty. The lakes. The greenery.

But how many times have I sat back and absorbed the beauty around me?? When was the last time I went on to the jetty and just sat there thinking about nothing in particular??

Questions and more questions....Not many answers...

Such is life at a B-school...

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  1. exactly my thoughts...
    there couldn't be any more similarity. The same has been going on in my head for quite some time.