Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fag end of Term 1 !!!

Today was the conclusion of the "management game".

I liked the concept a lot. You are part of a team. Each team is alloted a company. There are 8 industries and 8 companies in each industry. So, basically, you are competing with the other 7 companies in your industry.

The game has 8 rounds, each one representing an year. We take business decisions taking into consideration the stock holders, competition , market scenario,etc.

Everything is virtual. So, no fear of losing anything!!

And one of the teams here was in the top 10 in the world!!!

On another note, the end-terms are approaching fast. After a not-so-good performance in the midterms, I definitely need to slog my a** off!!

Whenever, there is tremendous pressure, I realize one thing. That I am at IIM Calcutta, the no.1 in the country. So, I have nothing to worry about.

Just work hard, rest everything will get sorted.

Cheers to life!!!


  1. I have been following your interesting blog for some time.Please update it more often.

    I have a question about the midterms and the finals. Are the exams theory based where you need to do a lot memorizing? or it it project based?

  2. Dude get your facts right.. IIM C is not the no.1 b-school in the country.... I m still bemused about how a dork (read nishant)made to to the coveted institute.. I m sure u have the privilege of reservation....

  3. @Akshay..
    Easy to yell/abuse hiding behind the virtual name.
    Have the balls to reveal your identity?
    Lastly, about reservation, you seem to be worthless and jobless enough. So please use some time to read the entire blog. You will understand.