Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer internship!!

Probably the best day of my life. 2nd April, 2011. India won the world cup!
Early morning, next day, I was to embark on a journey spanning 2 months and 2 countries. I was to leave for my internship! I flew from Bombay to Delhi in the morning. Landed at the beautiful Terminal 3 of Delhi Airport; took a prepaid taxi to Preet Vihar (Dabur guesthouse). Immediately after reaching the guest house, I went to a nearby electronics store(Vijay Sales). After a lot of debate, I chose the BlackBerry 9300 over an HTC Wildfire touch phone. I am in love with my BlackBerry!
Next day morning, I went to the Dabur India Corporate Office in Ghaziabad and was taken through the orientation program. We were 11 interns from IIMC, IIML, FMS, MDI, etc. We all had lunch together and the others were given their respective project guides and project briefs! One was sent on a market visit immediately! :O
I returned back to the guest house and had some famous Delhi kebabs in the evening. Next day evening was my flight to Dubai. I reached Dubai late in the night and was driven to the guest house.
Dubai-one word; Fantastic! Beautiful city.  Went to the office in Jebel Ali next day. Met my project guide and the CEO and CMO. The setup is much bigger than I thought and the business is growing faster than any other competitor in the region! I was assigned my work space and my project.
The project is extremely exciting and current.  Hope I am able to make a mark.
Went around a bit. Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah beach are some of the places I have visited till now and I must say that this is one happening city!!
P.S. Buying anything is difficult as I tend to convert dirham into rupee(1 dh=12rs) and it makes my head spin :P

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