Friday, May 20, 2011

B-school rankings: An Insider's Perspective

After an year of B-school life, I am pretty confident about my views on various B-schools and their relative standings. Hence the I have compiled a table. Post comments if you have any queries.
The rankings have been classified as per streams and I have considered the following parameters for each stream:
1. Placements
2. Faculty
3. Infrastructure(not valid for all streams)
4.Peer Group


  1. NITIE's rank higher for Operations, probably first :)

  2. Probably...
    But certain profiles in Ops are not offered anywhere else but IIMC/B; meaning there isnt any profile that is offered at NITIE and CANT be offered at ABC...That made me put them above NITIE.

  3. hey...thats a very exhaustive list.
    But i see that SPjain is missing in the operations column.
    from what i have heard operations at SPJain is a very good course.
    Please throw some light.
    also in IIMs have been put lower then other colleges.
    like lets say for marketing IIM S has been ranked lower than IMT G and for HR IIM I has been rnaked lower than SIBM P.
    From an aspirants point of view what cud be a better choice if one is clear about his interests.
    go for brand IIM (eg IIM S) or settle for colleges which specialize in a particular stream that one is intersted in .

  4. This ranking is utter rubbish.... Dude how can u put IIM A below IIM C... U got to be kidding....
    Stop misleading the readers....

  5. One of the worst blogs i have come across....
    The blog name should be changed to "a scouser's gross"...... Atrocious....
    Dude your fickle mindedness and laid back attitude didnt help u in compiling a decent B- school ranking.....

  6. @Akshay...
    Thanks for the compliments :)
    Your frustration shows the amount of impact and control I have over you.

  7. Kyu be chutia gand phat gayi.... Uss post ka reply kyu nahi kiya.....ulta delete kar diya...
    Twink twice before messing with IIM A reputation and its students... We can screw your ass in any field u can think off....

  8. @Akshay..Anyone who reads this will know your level of thinking. I will continue to write what I think is correct. You obviously cant stop me. So chill maar aur mug apna case study :D

  9. I dont want to prove my level of thinking to anyone.... I have done my bit by making it to most elite B-school of India (read as the b-school which has, is and will be better ranked than your b-school)... By looking at the number of hits you have got I can surely understand how many people follow you and think how correct you are..... you surely need to get your facts right.... your lack of ignorance wont land u anywhere else even if u have a "C" degree under your belt....

  10. @Akshay.. "your lack of ignorance" hahhaha.. Are you drunk?

  11. What college do I apply for if I want to work as a management consultant? i.e Mckinsey or BCG?

    Is Marketing an option if I want to be a consultant?

    Thanks in advance!!!